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The Campus Library is one of the shared facilities of the Campus and is available to the students, staff and parents of each of the three schools and pre-school from 8.30am – 3.30pm each day.  It offers a comprehensive range of books and electronic resources for the educational and recreational needs of Campus students, in addition to support materials for staff.  Refurbishment of the library will be taking place soon to incorporate extensive STEM learning facilities and resources.


Our Gymnasium is a multi-purpose space providing opportunities for a variety of indoor sports to be played on a full sized basketball court. It allows for Physical Education lessons to take place no matter what the weather conditions. The Gymnasium is fully stocked with the latest sporting equipment and is adjacent to one of our 3 ovals allowing for varied teaching options. The Gymnasium also provides the space for our whole Campus assemblies where we can come together as a group to celebrate the achievements of our Campus community.

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Performing Arts and Media Centre

Our Performing Arts and Media Centre is a state of the art facility that enables all our students to shine to their full potential. Allowing for 300 seated audience members to enjoy student performances, it provides both the audience and performers a unique and incredible experience. Students have the opportunity to be involved in lighting, sound, video editing and back-of-house – there is something for everyone. The building also contains private music tuition rooms as well as a computer suite allowing students to support their Performing Arts learning through information technology. To complement this learning facility the Performing Arts and Media Centre is also used for community gatherings and functions. It is self-sufficient with a fully functioning kitchen and amenities.


School of the Nativity has access to three ovals on Campus. One oval is conveniently located outside the Bartram and St Joseph buildings allowing for fitness and outdoor activities to be easily incorporated into classroom based learning. The ovals provide great outdoor areas for students to have free play at recess and lunch breaks, as well as allowing many different sports to be played at the same time. Ovals are also utilised on weekends by our Campus sporting teams.

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Covered Outdoor Learning Area (COLA)

Our Covered Outdoor Learning Area allows for an area to be utilised in all-weather conditions providing a roof and covered flooring. This space is often used by classes for their fitness sessions or for Physical Education lessons.

A smaller COLA is located between the St Joseph and Bartram buildings allowing an added learning space as well as a great area for community gatherings with easy access to the fully equipped kitchen in the St Joseph building.

Aberfoyle Park Campus Preschool

Conveniently located on the Campus site, the Campus Preschool is a purpose built kindergarten offering a high quality educational program that supports the development of each child in a safe and stimulating play environment.  Children attending the Campus Preschool have the opportunity to visit the Campus Library each week to borrow books to take home and have story time.