Absentee Text Messaging: 0409 677 815

This is our absentee text messaging number, please text us if your child is going to be away for any reason. You may also receive a text message from us if your child is absent and we have not had contact from you. If your child is late to school they must sign in at the office. If the office staff do not know that a student has arrived late they will send out a text message letting parents know that their child is not at school. Thus it is very important that if your child arrives any later than 8.45am they need to sign in.

If School of the Nativity loses power, we have an Emergency Landline that we can be contacted on. Please note this line is only accessed if the school has no electricity.

Emergency Landline (when there is a loss of power at School of the Nativity): 8370 7159