Our school is proud to belong to the Aberfoyle Park Primary School Campus. The Campus opened its doors in 1982 as a part of a unique educational project involving the three systems of education (Public, Catholic and Independent). The vision for the Campus centres on innovation in education. The three Primary Schools, including the Preschool work together in the spirit of co-operation and collaboration, yet each maintains its individual identity.

The Campus provides the following educational advantages:-

  • A degree of choice for parents when deciding what kind of school they want their children to attend
  • Resources available to all schools that could not normally be financed by an individual school
  • Sharing staff expertise between all schools
  • Promoting tolerance and cooperation between the school community of children, parents and staff

Shared Campus resources include:

  • Performing Arts and Media Centre
  • Campus Library
  • A full size Campus Gymnasium
  • Three large ovals
  • Central Administration Office
  • Multiple hard play spaces
  • Large undercover hard play area (COLA)
  • STEM resources
  • Nature play space
  • Multiple age based playgrounds
  • Large central courtyard

The Campus provides many opportunities to develop a sense of belonging to the Campus community.

This is achieved by:-

  • Wearing the same uniform
  • Playing together in the playground
  • Participating in Campus Sports Teams
    • Netball
    • Soccer
    • Basketball
    • Cricket / Kanga Cricket
    • AFL Football
    • Badminton
  • Sharing organised activities such as Book Week, Campus Green Day, Performing Art Showcase, Instrumental Night, Asia Week and Sports Day.