Community Events

School of the Nativity has many events that the school community can participate in and enjoy.

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Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Each year our children roll out the welcome mat for their Grandparents and special friends. The program begins with a performance, in the Performing Arts Centre by each class showcasing the special talents each and every one of our students have. The students then take their grandparent/special friend back to their classroom to share the work they have produced, which usually includes something special for their guest. This is followed by a lunch under the School of the Nativity COLA which allows for a social interaction with all of the special people in our students’ lives.

Nativity Carols

School of the Nativity holds a Carols evening hosted by all classes. Each class performs several Christmas songs for the school community. The event is held under the Campus COLA where parents and families come prepared with deck chairs and provisions for a great evening.

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Campus Sports Day

The Campus Sports day is held in Term 1 every year and offers fun for all ages and abilities. Events include games such as tunnel ball, stomper races, dress up relays and robbing the nest for Early Years, through to Primary and Middle School athletic events such as short and long distance running, long jump, high jump and javelin. Parents are invited to join in watching their children participate in the activities and cheer them on. Our Campus teams are named after famous explorers from South Australia’s past: Eyre, Murray, Flinders and Yorke.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Stall

Each year a dedicated committee of parents put together a Mother’s and Father’s Day stall for the children to purchase a small gift for their Mum or Dad. Gifts range in price from 50c to $5.00 to meet most budgets. The gifts are wrapped and returned to the child at the end of the day to take home. These stalls give the children a great opportunity to independently choose what they think their mother or father would like, as well as purchasing within a budget. It is a highlight of the year!

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