Our History

School of the Nativity was originally one of four schools established as part of the Aberfoyle Park Primary School Campus. The founding schools were School of the Nativity (Catholic), Pilgrim School (Uniting Church), Spence and Heysen (Department of Education and Child Development).

The Aberfoyle Park Primary School Campus was opened in 1982 where four schools shared one Campus, resources and administrative facilities, but each kept it’s own identity. Each school was built originally to cater for approximately 180 students with future additions planned to allow for moderate expansion.

The Aberfoyle Park Primary School Campus was unique for its time as being the first time that Government and non-Government educational sectors had cooperated and shared facilities and resources in this way.

Today three schools remain on Campus – School of the Nativity, Pilgrim School and Thiele Primary School (Department of Education and Child Development). While still maintaining individuality the three schools now work together as one sharing educational programs, facilities and specialist staff for a unique and diversified learning experience.

Nativity Timeline

End of Year Reflection 2021

A reflection on the 2021 year at School of the Nativity.

Grandparents and Special Friends Day 2021

School of the Nativity is proud to present our annual Grandparents and Special Friends Day performance, captured on film for your viewing. Two performances took place on Friday, September 24, 2021, to limited but very enthusiastic audiences. Our students were very excited to welcome members of our school community back…
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Graduation and Thanksgiving Liturgy 2020

Today, we gathered as a Nativity family to reflect on our year and to give thanks for all the blessings we have received in 2020. We also acknowledged our graduating students and their contribution to our school. This Liturgy was an opportunity for our students to give thanks for all…
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Nativity Website Updated
Nativity Website Updated

Nativity's website was updated on this day.

1st Day at School of the Nativity

Video footage of the very first day at School of the Nativity on the 1st February 1982.

Laying of the foundation stone (1981)

Beginning of the Aberfoyle Park Campus (Laying of the Foundation Stone and progress of the buildings 1981) and day one of the Campus 1982.

Campus Foundation Stone
Campus Foundation Stone

This stone commemorating the founding of a cooperative venture by the Education Department of South Australia, The Catholic Church and the Uniting Church in Australia was unveiled by John R Steinle, Director General of Education, on the 13th September 1981.

Campus site, before construction
Campus site, before construction

Pictured is the view of the Campus site before construction took place. The photos were taken on top of Campus Drive on February 10th 1981.