Our Logo

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The Campus Logo was designed by Mr Lou Rossato symbolising the integration of different educational systems and the four schools that were established in 1982. The four schools were School of the Nativity (Catholic Education), Pilgrim (Uniting Church), Spence (Department of Education and Child Development) and Heysen (Department of Education and Child development).

The coloured representation of the Logo further reinforces this theme. At the opening of the Campus the four coloured components of the logo represented the following.


In 2001 the Aberfoyle Park Preschool was relocated to the Campus and in 2008, due to demographic changes in the area, the two Department of Education and Child Development schools merged to become Thiele Primary School.

Following these changes, the logo now represents the three primary schools of School of the Nativity, Pilgrim School and Thiele Primary School and the Aberfoyle Park Campus Preschool. As pictured below, each aspect of the logo represents the three primary schools and the preschool.

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