Shaping our Future

As the Principal of School of the Nativity, I am delighted to present our Strategic Plan.

Our School is committed to developing a culture of improvement and evaluation. As we look forward to the next five years and the decade which follows, a revitalised organisational approach is paramount. We will align and
reinvigorate the three key areas of learning and teaching, operations and administration, and community and wellbeing, to ensure our students are supported to be the best they can be as they progress on their learning journey.

Our new Strategic Plan continues to be informed by Josephite values and is underpinned by our Catholic
faith. It focuses on four strategic intentions that clearly demonstrate our ambitions for our students, staff, and
families. This is an exciting time for our School, and I look forward to shaping our future alongside you.

Erika Dixon / Principal

Kaurna Acknowledgment
We pay respects to the traditional elders of Kaurna country. We will recognise their spiritual ways in which created the sky, seas, earth, and this beautiful land we live, love and play on today. We acknowledge that they are the first custodians of this sacred land and are the rightful owners of this wonderful country.

Charlie-Rose Stainer (Y6, 2021)

Our Identity
We are a Catholic School in the Josephite Tradition.

Our Purpose
In all things love.

Our strong Catholic values-centred education is inspired by Mary MacKillop and the Josephite sisters, who believe that everyone should be welcome, treated with dignity and that education can empower and transform communities.

We know the importance of working in partnership with families, and this is reflected in our school motto, “Families Living, Loving, Learning” and we strive to build strong relationships within the School, the Campus, and our Parish.

Our Values
Belonging, Compassion, Justice, Courage, Forgiveness, Gratitude.


We will dare to be role-models in pursuing and
delivering life-long learning opportunities for ourselves and our community.

We will encourage student agency, active participation in learning and student voice across all learning areas. We will strive to be leaders in the learning and teaching of literacy and numeracy so our student outcomes are in the top 10%. As stewards of the Josephite tradition we will continue the work of Mary McKillop by offering contemporary faith formation opportunities.

We are committed to:

  • making the Catholic identity and Josephite tradition of the school visible and accessible to all community members.
  • creating a culture of learning and growth for all students based on the practice of professional formation, collaboration and feedback.
  • ensuring all students are supported to develop and extend essential skills in literacy and numeracy.
  • providing innovative information communication technology programs that connect with contemporary learning and ensuring students are responsible and safe users of ICT.
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We will provide future-focused learning skills across social, emotional and academic programs for every student at every stage of their growth and development.

We will discover new ways of working collaboratively to be a school of continuous improvement.

We are committed to:

  • demonstrating and reflecting upon high quality curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and reporting practices.
  • providing contemporary human resources and infrastructure that supports our learning programs.
  • deepening our understanding of the culture and history of First Nations Australians.
  • celebrating the diversity of our students and upholding the dignity of all community members.
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We will dream, create and inspire to be the school of choice in our local neighbourhood.

We will offer contemporary, innovative and progressive opportunities for all students within a diverse, thriving Catholic community while remaining committed to the Campus vision.

We are committed to:

  • creating a challenging, innovative, future-focused and inclusive curriculum that motivates students to achieve personal excellence.
  • developing our commitment to sustainable practices and being responsible custodians of the Earth and its resources.
  • remaining responsive to educational change and its implications for our school and responding to the needs of our community.
  • honouring and being proud of the traditions of the Aberfoyle Park Primary School Campus and forging new ways of being together.
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We will create a safe, welcoming community that values diversity and work in partnership with families to meet the learning and wellbeing needs of our students.

We will invite families to be part of an extended neighbourhood and discover new possibilities for our community to connect with, and care for, each other. We will actively seek out partnerships of mutual reciprocity,
maintain a sense of curiosity about the world around us, and cultivate creative ways to nurture strong relationships.

We are committed to:

  • living our school values by responding to the needs of our local and global community.
  • empowering our students to be resilient, resourceful and respectful of themselves and others.
  • building effective connection, communication and engagement within our community.
  • increasing the profile of our school in the local community and establishing it as a school of choice.
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