Performing, Visual Arts & Instrumental Program

Performing Arts

School of the Nativity offers a comprehensive Performing Arts curriculum with specialist educators from Reception through to Year 6 which includes Music, Drama and Dance making use of the state-of -the-art Perfoming Arts Centre.

Learners develop an understanding of Performing Arts and are given a wide range of opportunities to expand and delve into their interest areas. The program also enhances communication skills, confidence and self-esteem.

Accommodating 250 seated audience members, the Performing Arts Centre gives the younger performers and audience an authentic theatre experience. Learners also have the opportunity to be involved in lighting, sound, video editing and back-of-house duties.

Performance opportunities include Campus Performing Arts Showcase, Instrumental Music Night, Grandparent’s Day performance, Campus and individual school assemblies, Southern Metropolitan Music Festival and performances and community events.

Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts curriculum focuses on the elements and principles of art, allowing students to experiment with various styles. Guided by our specialist Art teacher, students explore the significance of artists throughout history and develop an understanding of world culture.

Learners apply their visual arts knowledge to explore their expanding creativity and express their own flair in our purpose-built art room.

Instrumental Program

An extensive Instrumental Music Program is offered to learners in Years 2 to 6 where dedicated teachers conduct instrumental lessons during school hours. The program currently includes tuition in piano and keyboard, flute, clarinet, saxophone, voice, guitar, recorder, ukulele, percussion and drums.

Students have the opportunity to share their musical talents with others at events such as the Instrumental Music Night, Campus and individual school assemblies, and Southern Metropolitan Music Festival.